1975 GL1000

The original Gold Wing, and a new standard-setter from the moment it arrived. Long-distance motorcycling would never be the same. Colors: Candy Red, Candy Blue.


1976 GL1000 LTD Edition

Gold Wing enters its second year boasting a special model dubbed the GL1000 LTD Edition, with Candy Brown paint and gold pinstriping, special LTD badges, chrome galore and gold spoked wheels. Colors: Candy Red, Yellow (GL1000).


1977 GL1000

Entering its third season, Gold Wing ups the long-haul comfort factor even further, adding higher handlebars and a plush, contoured dual saddle. Colors: Red, Black


1978 GL1000

A redesigned exhaust, five-spoke Comstar wheels and a tank-mounted instrument pod highlight the luxo-tourer as it turns four. Colors: Maroon, Blue, Black.


1979 GL1000

Late '70s styling accents include rectangular turn signals and a larger, twin-bulb taillight out back. This year also marked the start of Gold Wing manufacturing in America. Colors: Black, Candy Blue, Candy Burgundy.


1980 GL1000

New decade, two new Gold Wings: the GL1100 and GL1100 Interstate. Both featured a larger, 1085cc flat four engine, a longer, roomier wheelbase, and all-new air-assisted suspension, while the Interstate came fully dressed (saddlebags, trunk, fairing and windscreen) right off the showroom floor. Colors for both: Candy Burgundy, Black.


1981 GL1100 Interstate

A huge hit with long-distance lovers everywhere, the Gold Wing Interstate continues to evolve — a little sleeker, a little more polished — as it enters its second year. Also available: GL1100. Colors for both: Candy Burgundy, Metallic Blue Black


1982 GL1100 Aspencade

A third Gold Wing joins the family — the GL1100 Aspencade — upping the luxury touring ante even higher with a larger passenger backrest and handy passenger storage pouches. Also available: GL1100, GL1100 Interstate. Colors: Metallic Black, Wineberry Red, Black; Metallic Silver/Gray, Metallic Brown/Gold (Aspencade).


1983 GL1100 Aspencade

New cast wheels stand out on the '83 GL1100, a year that also saw the Gold Wing's front forks get suspension-enhancing TRAC anti-dive control. The Aspencade here also featured all-new digital instruments. Also available: GL1100, GL1100 Interstate. Colors: Black, Candy Regal Brown; Metallic Gray/Black, Candy Wineberry Red/Red (Aspencade).


1984 GL1200 Interstate

The '84 Gold Wing arrives with a new SOHC, 1182cc opposed four engine (with virtually maintenance-free hydraulic valve adjusters) mated to a smooth five-speed, shaft drive set-up. Also available: GL1200, GL1200 Aspencade. Colors: Black, Wineberry Red; Metallic Gray, Pearl Blue, Wineberry Red (Interstate); Pearl Blue/Black, Burgundy/Brown, Metallic Beige/Brown (Aspencade).


1985 GL1200 LTD Edition

The King turns 10 and celebrates with the all-new, ultra-deluxe GL1200 LTD Edition featuring computerized fuel injection, four-channel stereo, cruise control and an on-board travel computer. Also available: GL1200 Interstate, GL1200 Aspencade. Colors: Wineberry Red, Metallic Silver, Metallic Blue (Interstate); Vintage Red/Red, Satellite Blue/Blue (Aspencade); Metallic Gold/Brown (LTD).


1986 GL1200 Aspencade SE-i

The standard-bearer of long-range luxury rolls into the new year boasting many of the same leading-edge features as its 1985 LTD predecessor, including cruise control, fuel injection and dash-mounted travel computer. Also available: GL1200 Interstate, GL1200 Aspencade. Colors: Wineberry Red, Black (Interstate); Metallic Beige/Red, Metallic Blue/Blue, Metallic Silver/Gray (Aspencade); Pearl White/Beige (SE-i).


1987 GL1200 Interstate

A plush new dual seat, tapered and form-fitted to provide the ultimate in coast-to-coast comfort, adorns the '87 Gold Wing. Also available: GL1200 Aspencade. Colors: Metallic Beige, Amethyst Silver (Interstate); Black/Gray, Wineberry Red/Red, Metallic Silver (Aspencade).


1988 GL 1500

1988 GL1500

Completely redesigned nose to tail, the GL1500 marked a new era for the Gold Wing, starting with its silky smooth, powerful new 1520cc flat six-cylinder powerplant, reverse gear and ultra-sleek styling. The result: A touring benchmark unlike any ever imagined. Colors: Blue, Gray, Beige.


1989 GL1500

The GL1500 celebrates its sophomore year, continuing to be the full-dress luxury tourer of choice and class standard. Colors: Blue Green Metallic, Wineberry Red, Beige.


1990 GL1500

The SE model joins the standard GL1500, bringing with it all the styling touches and creature comforts — vented windscreen, rear spoiler with integrated brake/taillight, foot-warmer vents — riders had come to expect from a Gold Wing. Colors: Wineberry Red, Light Metallic Blue; White/Silver/Gray (SE).


1991 GL1500 SE

A touring trifecta comprises the '91 Gold Wing line-up, with the Interstate and special-edition 10th Anniversary Aspencade rolling up alongside the SE. First-class features abound, including illuminated switches, AM/FM radio and a chrome front brake disc cover (Aspencade only). Colors: Beige (Interstate); Black (Aspencade); Gold/Brown (SE).


1992 GL1500 Aspencade

This year's 'Wing featured a fully integrated 25-watt AM/FM audio system, complete with an output jack for headphones. Also available: GL1500 Interstate, GL1500 SE. Colors: Candy Red, Metallic Blue; Metallic Teal (SE).


1993 GL1500 SE

Fine-tuning of the GL1500 trio continues, with an upgraded cruise control system and, in the top-of-the-line SE's case, an all-new CB radio and dual rear speakers. Also available: GL1500 Interstate, GL1500 Aspencade. Colors: Candy Red, Metallic Blue, Black (Interstate, Aspencade); Metallic Blue/Teal, Pearl Blue/Blue, Pearl White/Blue, Pearl White.


1994 GL1500 SE

Styling accents are the highlight this new season, reflected in the all-new color-matched lower bodywork panels. Also available: GL1500 Interstate, GL1500 Aspencade. Colors: Candy Red, Pearl Teal, Black; Pearl Green, Pearl Teal, Candy Red, Pearl White (SE).


1995 GL1500 Aspencade

A motorcycling milestone is reached heralding two decades of the Gold Wing. Honda celebrates with three commemorative Gold Wing models sporting 20th Anniversary badging to go with a special hard-cover book detailing the GL's 20-year legacy. Also available: GL1500 Interstate, GL1500 SE. Colors: Candy Red, Pearl Green (Interstate); Candy Red, Pearl Magenta, Pearl Green (Aspencade); Pearl Magenta/Purple, Pearl Green/Green, Candy Red/Red, Pearl White (SE).


1996 GL1500 SE

While an all-new full-logic audio system further enhanced the '96 Gold Wing's touring package, the new year ushered in even bigger news. One million Honda motorcycles had rolled off American assembly lines, and appropriately enough, that millionth model was a Gold Wing. Also available: GL1500 Interstate, GL1500 Aspencade. Colors: Candy Red, Pearl Green, (Interstate); Candy Red, Pearl Magenta, Pearl Green, Pearl Blue (Aspencade); Candy Red/Red, Pearl Magenta/Purple, Pearl Green/Green, Pearl White/White (SE).


1997 GL1500 SE

Popular as ever, the Gold Wing continues to burnish its luxury touring legacy as the new millennium draws near. Also available: GL1500 Aspencade. Colors: Pearl Red, Pearl Green, Pearl White; Candy Red/Red, Pearl Green/Green, Pearl White/Silver, Black (SE).


1998 GL1500 SE

New-design cylinder head covers and white-faced gauges highlight aesthetic touches to the latest Gold Wing. Also available: GL1500 Aspencade. Colors: Candy Red, Black; Black, Candy Red/Red. Pearl Beige/Beige, Pearl Silver/Silver, Pearl White/Gray (SE).


1999 GL1500 SE

Honda Motorcycles pops the cork on its 50th birthday, commemorating this major milestone with special 50th Anniversary badging on all three Gold Wings. Also available: GL1500 Aspencade. Colors: Candy Red, Black; Candy Red/Red, Pearl Green/Green, Silver/Silver, White/Gray, Black (SE).


2000 GL1500 SE

The history-making revelry continues into the new season as Gold Wing enters its 25th year, memorialized with 25th Anniversary badging on the entire line-up. Also available: GL1500 Aspencade. Colors: Candy Red, Black; Black, Candy Red/Red, Blue/Blue, White/Green (SE).


2001 GL1800 Gold Wing

Enter the all-new GL1800 Gold Wing, a completely-redesigned-from-the-tires-up showcase of Honda engineering and styling. Featuring a massive new 1832cc flat six engine and lightweight aluminum frame, this new-generation giant is as powerful as it is agile. Optional Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) merely upped an already potent performance package. The touring class had once again been turned upon its ear. Also available: GL1800 ABS. Colors: Illusion Red, Blue, Yellow, Black.


2002 GL1800 Gold Wing

Drawing rave reviews and universal praise from industry experts and enthusiasts alike, the GL1800 enters its second season at full throttle. Also available: GL1800 ABS. Colors: Illusion Red, Orange, Illusion Blue, Silver, Yellow, Black.


2003 GL1800 Gold Wing

The '03 Gold Wing continues its dominion over the luxury touring class with its perfect balance of high-performance and first-class features. Also available: GL1800 ABS. Colors: Red, Orange, Illusion Blue, Silver, Yellow, Black.


2004 GL1800 Gold Wing

Seven brilliant colors highlight this year's Gold Wing line-up, offering perhaps the broadest palette yet. Also available: GL1800 ABS. Colors: Black, Red, Candy Black Cherry, Candy Red, Magenta Metallic, Titanium, White.


2005 GL1800 Gold Wing

Happy 30th birthday to you, Honda Gold Wing! Three decades of peerless luxury touring excellence are embodied in this year's specially badged 30th Anniversary commemorative edition. Also available: GL1800 ABS. Colors: Metallic Silver, Pearl Yellow, Bright Blue Metallic, Candy Black Cherry, Dark Gray Metallic, White.


2006 GL1800 Gold Wing

New Features in a Nutshell

  • GL1800 motorcycle basically unchanged.
  • LBS or ABS choice remains unchanged.
  • Standard: 80-watt per channel power amplifier with a six-element speaker system.
  • Standard: Euro-look clear lenses on the rear turn signals and running lights; somewhat restyled rear taillights; new brake light pattern.
  • Standard: Alternator quieted by fluid-damped drive; output increased to 1300 watts.
  • Optional: Fully integrated rider airbag.
  • Optional: Fully integrated satellite-linked navigation system with color screen & voice prompting through headsets or speakers.
  • Optional: Cold -weather comfort package with 5-position heated grips, 5-position heated seat/backrest combination with individual rider and passenger controls. Rider foot warmers.
  • 2006 Colors: Dark Red, Gold, Black, Titanium, White.
  • Suggested Retail Prices: $18,999--$22,799 depending on braking system, accessory packages, paint color.